Ethan Barrett

Lance is the best hunting guide. In arizona. He know his stuff

Matt McDonald

We had awesome time and will definitely be back for future memories with Lance!

J.d. Britt

Lance is a amazing person fun to be with on a hunt. Definitely will be using them again.

Jim Heard

Not only did the whole outfit work to help me get a great bull, but went above and beyond during the whole hunt.

Molly Hanson Carver

What a great experience!!! Thanks to Lance and his team for making a great memory, hopefully more to come!!

Clayton Ross

Lance and the Crowthers are absolute proffessionals at what they do. They helped my 16 yr old grand daughter get her bull elk in 2016. We had never met before that and now will only use Timberland Outfitters.

Gary Muisus

Just got back from Spring Merriams Hunt. Lance and John know the birds, and the terrain, worked very hard this week for us. Very personable and hunting experts with a variety of game.

Kurt Larson

Lance has helped my family harvest 3 trophy bulls so far (would have been more 'cept I'm a crummy shot). More than horns Lance delivers memories - great knowledge of animal and human behavior... I cherish our time in the wilderness together

Matt Hoover

I agree with all of these reviews. I have hunted with TLO and Lance 6 times now and taken 3 trophy bull elk, a spike and a cow elk so far. I got started doing the OTC elk hunts with Lance and got hooked! You will too :)

Thomas J Mifsud

Had an amazing time javelina hunting and got some great ones

Ron Nixon

1st rate guide. Lance is reserved, quiet and meticulous as he picks apart the landscape. The consummate professional, he is not cocky, arrogant and condescending like a lot of brash outfitters you can run into. Truly one of the best elk hunters in Arizona. His family operation will treat you right, and you will see the animals you're after. He single handedly restored my passion for hunting and the outdoors. Happy to have used him as my guide, proud to now call him my friend.

Rob Takesuye

John and Ty took us on an elk depredation hunt with a very low success rate and we went 2 for 2 with a bevy of other hunters in the same area looking for one of the ghost elk. They worked hard for us the entire hunt. Highly recommend and plan on hunting with them again

Austin Brown

Lance and Jon Vance are top notch guides and just about the nicest and most hard working people you'd ever want to meet. Had a great time and great success on my elk hunt, as did the 2 other hunters who were out that week. They will work their tail off to put you in position to harvest a great animal and have a great time doing it. Highest recommendation.