Arizona Predator & Small Game Hunting

Predator Hunting and Trapping with Timberland Fur Harvesters. Check out and join our "TIMBERLAND FUR HARVESTERS" page on Facebook! #timberlandfurharvesters We provide quality and exciting Arizona predator and small game hunts year round! Book your hunt today! Pursuits depend on what's in season but there is always something to hunt! These hunts are great for the serious hunter, the new hunter or just a fun weekend getaway with Family or friends making memories! Trapping with "TFH" Timberland Fur Harvesters. Depending on the season we are able to include trapping with our predator and small game hunts and some times our javelina hunts. It all makes for added excitement and day long action! Or just book a day on the trap line with Timberland Fur Harvesters! Arizona Trapping Season runs from Nov-Feb. Timberland Fur Harvesters also makes and sells our own lethal brand of lures for the trapper and predator hunter! These lures can be found and ordered in the store on this website! #TFHlures