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Gaining Hunting BONUS POINTS in Arizona!

Having an Arizona hunting Bonus Point is like having an extra number in the lottery draw for Arizona Hunt Permit Tags. Gaining Bonus Points is a must in drawing Arizona’s Big Game Hunt Permit Tags!
Arizona’s big game bonus point species include Elk, Pronghorn Antelope, Deer, Bighorn Sheep, Buffalo/Bison, Javelina and Turkey.

There are three basic ways to gain bonus points for hunting in Arizona.

The First is to apply for an Arizona Big Game Hunt Permit Tag in the lottery draw. If you are not drawn then you will be awarded a Bonus Point that will give you an extra number and better your odds for drawing the next year. These points are species specific and will build up each year until you have drawn a permit for that species. Upon drawing a hunt permit tag for a specific species you will lose these bonus points and start over.
If you do not want to apply or draw a hunt permit tag for a specific species for any particular year, but you still wish to participate in the bonus point system, then you can gain this same point by applying for the “Bonus Point Only” number. This is done by the same forms as applying for the hunt permit tag but instead of filling in your desired hunt numbers you fill out the “Bonus Point Only” number that appears at the top of every list of species specific hunt numbers. No other number may accompany the Bonus Point Only number!

The Second way is to obtain a “Loyalty” Bonus Point.
This is also a species specific point, and is a permanent point that will not be taken away when you are drawn!
An applicant is awarded this point by applying for a species for 5 consecutive years.
You will gain one of these permanent Loyalty points for every five consecutive years that you apply for a specific species.

The Third way is to obtain an “Arizona Hunter Education Bonus Point”
This point is obtained by completing an approved Hunter Education Course.
This is also a permanent bonus point and this one point will be applied to all available Arizona bonus point species.


Along with the traditional Hunter Ed classes, Arizona is now offering an “Online” Hunter Education Course!
The course can be taken (self paced) online through the AZ Game and Fish Department and then the student must attend an AZ approved “Field Day”. The student will be required to pass the official Field Day Qualification Exam.
This new online option has greatly increased the opportunity to gain this permanent Bonus Point for nonresidents and residents alike!

Information on approved Arizona Hunter Education Classes can be found at the AriZona Game and Fish Department website at under “Education”

Timberland Outfitters is deeply involved in the hunter education courses in Arizona and may be of assistance in completing these approved courses.

Lance Crowther

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