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The Day We Went Camping

First, my dad said, “We’re gonna go camping.” Second, we got a whole bunch of camping stuff out of the trailer. Then, we invited a few cousins over. Then we all got in the truck. On the way we saw two elk, about four turkeys and two deer. We are lucky that we had four wheel drive because we had to go up a really steep mountain. Finally we go to the campsite. Everyone examined the place. Then we set up the tent. We all thought it was going to be really cold, so we all curled up in our sleeping bags. The next morning we were sweating half to death. My dad woke us up really early so we could watch the sunrise. Then we saw a doe about 80 yards away. Then we got our gear and chased a squirrel up a tree. Then we went along a road hunting for stumps. We came back to camp and had an archery competition. We stuck sticks in a box for antlers and shot from hard to easy places. After that we found and tried some ants. They have a citrus taste. Then we packed up and went home. On the way we saw bull and cow elk, antelope, deer and tom turkeys. We had a fantastic time out in the wilderness together!

Ty Crowther

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